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     Travel is about experiencing and exploring new destinations. Top of the Line Tours specializes in motorcoach tours, with destinations all across the United States and Canada! We want to see you travel to create those wonderful memories!


    with Daycation Adventures

     Socialization and intellectual stimulation actually makes one feel more alive, curious and adventurous while making great new friends at the same time.  Book your Daycation today to experience a wonderful tomorrow!

  • Join Us as we Travel to The Grand Hotel and Thunder Bay Resort


    The History and Culture of the United States.

    From the East Coast to the West Coast, our travel opportunities are designed to take advantage of seasonal attractions, special events, provide the best in entertainment, and give you the incentive to enjoy the world of travel at its best.


    ...Fabulous Destinations

    A guaranteed departure means that the tour will definitely operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be cancelled for lack of participation. All guaranteed departures will run except in the event of a natural disaster or other similarly disruptive event that is beyond our control.


    What Fabulous Ports to Explore!

    Cruises offer a huge variety of events, activities and meals. See a show. Snooze lazily by the pool. Jog. Learn. Swim. Shop. Dine indoors or out, casual or elegant, seven times a day if you want. Explore a port or stay onboard. Cruises these days are about choice. we are sure you'll find it impossible to be bored on a cruise.

Why Do We Travel?

So that we can come back and see the place we came from with new eyes and extra colors.

There's something about the aspect of travel that creates an immediate bond, especially when you're traveling together as a group. After sharing a wealth of memories and moments you could only experience during that exact trip, you'll return home with a new network of friends and fantastic memories you can only share with the new friends you traveled with.

A Journey is Best Measured with Friends, than Miles.

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